Spring Collection

Spring Collection Financing. Factoring and purchase order finance to fund your Spring Collection. One key aspect to the success of your Spring line is cash accessibility, and there's no need for you to give a part of your company away to sharks for capital. We can advance funds to you quickly for your fall line on your purchase orders and/or eligible invoices.

Our funding options for the fashion industry offer flexibility and readily available cash based on your purchase orders and/or invoices. Our funding range starts at $5,000 to over $15 million a month. Click here to start the simple process

Factoring and PO funding for your Spring Collection

Our purchase order financing and invoice & receivables factoring offer fashion designers a constant and reliable funding source to complete and deliver their Spring Collection on schedule, and peace of mind knowing that they have a funding partner that they can rely on to help grow their business by financing new purchase orders.  Our funding solutions can also fund companies in many other sectors of the fashion industry including:

Fashion Designers
High Fashion

Flexible factoring and purchase order funding options for fashion designers and their Spring Collection.

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